How to establish a branch office in Japan.

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The foreign company can establish a branch office in Japan by making a commercial registration at a legal affairs bureau on the location of the branch office.


(1) an appointment of a representatives in Japan


If a foreign company wants to make a continuous transactions in Japan, it should appoint one or more representatives in Japan, who has a address in Japan.


(2) deciding items required for the commercial registration


These items are required for a registration as:

 -Corporate name of a foreign company,

– business objectives,

-location of a principal office and a branch office,

-amount of capital,

-names of directors and other officers,

-names and addresses of representative directors, etc.

 -information regarding public notice


(3) preparation documents required for the commercial registration

 -Application forms

 -Affidavit of the representatives in Japan

 -A document to prove the existence of the foreign company

-Certificate of signature of the representatives in Japan or certificate of registration of personal seal


(4) when to apply for the registration

An application for registration should be made within three weeks by the representatives in Japan.


(5) registration and license tax


The registration and license tax for setup a branch office is JPY90,000.


  • The differences between a company and a branch office of a foreign company


A company can be an independent entity. It can conduct any activities on its own.

On the other hand, a branch office is just a part of a company. The activities should be complied to a company and it should follow the company’s decision.  


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