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Do you have Tax ID in Japan?

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Do the Japanese citizens and corporations have their own Tax ID?

Answer: The Social Security and Tax Number System (called “My Number System” in Japanese) has been provided from 2016. “My Number” is assigned to every resident and company registered in Japan, not only for tax purposes but also for other administrative services, such as social insurance.

  The Japanese government adopted the Social Security and Tax Number System in order to (1) improve administrative efficiency, (2) enhance public convenience and (3) realize a fairer and more just society.

  For individuals, the mayor of a municipality that has the person’s resident record notifies every resident of 12-digits My Number (the Individual Number).  You receive the notification as long as you have a resident record, regardless of your nationality.  The Individual Number is expected to be used for pensions, healthcare, care insurance, welfare, labor insurance, taxes, and others.  Since it should be highly confidential information, provision of Individual Numbers without a valid reason shall not be requested by anyone.

  For corporations, 13-digits Corporate Numbers are notified by National Tax Office. It is also assigned to the branches and representative offices of foreign corporations, if they have a duty to file the corporation tax return, consumption tax return or to withhold national taxes and local taxes, even if they are not registered at Legal Affairs Bureau.  Corporate Numbers are widely and generally disclosed on the website of National Tax Agency, so that both the public and private sectors are able to make various uses of them.

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日本にTax ID(納税者番号)の制度はありますか?

Question: 日本では、個人や法人にTax IDは付与されていますか?

Answer: マイナンバー制度が2016年より導入されました。「マイナンバー」はすべての居住者および日本で登記された法人等に付与され、税務のみならず社会保障等さまざまな場面で活用されることになっています。