Support for Foreign Companies in Japan

Support for Foreign Companies in Japan

Support for Foreign Companies in Japan

We provide comprehensive support for foreign companies in Japan.

TOMA Consultants Group offers comprehensive assistance to foreign companies in Japan, from initial planning to ongoing operations post-establishment. Initial consultation is free of charge.

We deliver a complete suite of services for every stage of the process. Entrust your back-office operations to us, where our bilingual experts take care of the details so that you can concentrate on your core business.


Service Details
Tax & Accounting Bookkeeping, financial closing, tax filing, income tax for expatriates, consumption tax filing for foreign entities, multinational company reporting, notification for application of tax treaties
Audit Statutory audit, voluntary audit, internal controls
Labor Payroll calculation, social insurance procedures, labor affairs consulting
Administration Visa, business registrations, real estate registrations, business licenses
Others Bank account opening, bank transfers, introduction of business offices and personnel

Client results

Country Service
United Kingdom (branch office in Japan) Bookkeeping, tax filing, and bank transfers
Belgium(Japanese subsidiary) Consultation on international tax, tax filing, and tax treaty applications
United States (NPO branch in Japan) Consultation on international tax
United States (head office) Japanese consumption tax filing
Germany (two Japanese subsidiaries) Tax consultation and filing
Hong Kong (company) Tax consultation and filing

Services for Each Stage of Business

Use TOMA’s comprehensive services to achieve swift entry into the Japanese market. Please feel free to reach out to us.

  1. Consultation and preparation

    Consultation and preparation
    ・ Visa & work permit
    ・ Your form of business in Japan (subsidiary, branch office, etc.)
    ・ Corporate and individual tax
    ・ Presentation of office premises
    ・ Recruiting staff
  2. Setting up your business in Japan

    Setting up your business in Japan
    ・ Corporate registration
    ・ Initial tax application
    ・ Social insurance participation
    ・ Assistance for bank accounts opening
  3. Commencement of operations

    Commencement of operations
    ・ Bookkeeping support (U.S. GAAP and IFRS)
    ・ Preparation of financial statements and tax declarations
    ・ Voluntary audits and internal controls
    ・ Payroll calculation
    ・ Social insurance processing
    ・ Labor affairs consulting
    ・ Advisory for work rules and regulations
    ・ Income tax declarations for expatriates
    ・ Accounting staff assignment
    ・ Secretarial assistance