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TOMA Financial Backoffice Services: Comprehensive Outsourcing Service for Accounting, Tax, and Bookkeeping

Creation date2023/07/21 Last updated2023/07/24


TOMA Financial Backoffice Services: Comprehensive Outsourcing Service for Accounting, Tax, and Bookkeeping

For foreign companies operating in Japan, accounting and tax related processes can be a challenging area to optimize. Not only must procedures comply with Japanese tax law, they must also align with the parent company’s own accounting policies. TOMA Consultants Group offers comprehensive back-office services for foreign and domestic companies that can be customized to suit your company’s needs.

We strive to help companies with the following needs:
– Needs on-site professional advice as well as e-mail and video calls
– Requires bookkeeping to be done in English for group reporting
– Looking for an internal auditor on behalf of the parent company
– Requires support for year-end accounting procedures on a tight deadline
– Needs a specialist to handle Japanese reporting procedures (annual withholding tax report, depreciable asset tax return, etc.)

TOMA Financial Backoffice Services

TOMA offers bilingual accounting and tax-related back-office services for foreign companies operating in Japan.

Our comprehensive outsourcing services range from accounting and taxation procedures, to audit, payroll processing and visa related matters. The frequency of service, contract period, and number of supporting staff are fully customizable based on your company’s size and industry.

Main Services

Creation of head office reporting package, year-end accounting processes, management of fixed assets

Preparation of consumption tax return and supporting documents, preparation of record of withholding taxes and fixed asset tax return, calculation of withholding income tax, creation of tax payment slips

Management of accounts receivable and accounts payable, preparation of payment lists, payment outsourcing, cash journal management, employee reimbursement, accounting software input

CPA audit, financial controller assistance, IFRS compliance, internal audit

Payroll processing, foreigner visa support, company registration, application for licenses, bank account opening support, bank transfer services, introduction of office and personnel

Core Features

English support from Certified Public Tax Accountants (税理士) and Certified Public Accountants (公認会計士)

Our specialists, including English-speaking Certified Public Tax Accountants and CPAs, will handle supplementary financial and compliance procedures so you can focus on your core business. Whether you are considering establishing a business entity in Japan or require ongoing operational support after establishment, we are here to help.

Advice on tax risk management and process optimization

TOMA provides advice not only in the realm of tax and accounting, but also general operational efficiency. With experts in IT, human resource, and legal affairs, we offer all-round proposals suited to your needs.

Experienced in supporting global businesses

TOMA has a track record of supporting businesses from America, Europe, and Asia. Our main clients include:

Assistance in international tax matters unique to foreign companies

TOMA is experienced in international tax matters. including the relevant rules and regulations such as the thin capitalization rule, earnings stripping rules, tax treaties, etc.

Service Flow

TOMA Financial Backoffice Services begin with a meeting about your company’s current financial status, concerns, and needs. From there, a price estimate is issued based on the agreed-upon scope of service, after which the outsourcing agreement is signed.

After start of service, we will continue to identify and propose ways to reduce costs and optimize your processes. If any changes to our services arise as a result, revisions will be made to the existing agreement after discussions between both parties.


– Billable hours include one-way transportation time.
– Transportation expense is billed separately.
– 20% premium will be charged for work requiring short turnaround time.

TOMA Consultants Group offers reliable back-office services, with competitive prices that are hard to find among English-speaking service providers.

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The Qualified Invoice System, starting October 2023, introduces new changes to the Japanese consumption tax rules and will affect many businesses across Japan.

The system requires a redesign of existing invoices, as well as a review of the business’ consumption tax status and suppliers.

This online seminar aims to give you an overall understanding of the Qualified Invoice System and provide measures to help you navigate the new requirements.

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